Progress in the air

Since 1925 at Aldes Group, a family-owned company, we are convinced that the meaning behind our actions must serve as a veritable breath of fresh air, providing the impetus for everything we do.

We work with respect, trust and commitment to accomplish our mission of creating healthier indoor spaces while fulfillina our social and environmental responsibilities. We are well aware that our collective energy is amplified when we all pull together, in the same direction. All around the world. By turning each individual’s sense of commitment into a collective voice, we are working to improve indoor air quality.

Our Values

Takes form day after day in the visible behaviors so that they are not only “on the walls” but “within the walls”


In the missions entrusted and the delegations given. Having the right to react.


Around a common project, for the team and to obtain the results.


For others by reciprocal listening, accepting the differences.

Our actions in some figures

of the trainees and apprentices recommend ALDES labeled Happy Trainees
of our postsare filled internally
permanent contract recruitments were made in 2022
and more of employees
of the group
work internationally

Our engaged recruitments

Reflects our values and promotes transparency and exchange throughout the process


We consider each application in its particularity. Each application received is analyzed without discrimination and is treated individually.


After having validates your profile, a member of the HRD will exchange with you your career, your expectations and our opportunities.


Through interviews with managers, HR department, and business managers, we give central place to exchanges and meetings.


Irrespective of the follow-up given to your application, we provide a reasoned response.


Each new employee benefits from a tailor-made integration program, combining discovery of different trades of Aldes and training for our products.